Vabaduse Tuba

Vabaduse Tuba (“Freedom Room” in Estonian) is located in the heart of Tallinn, near the Vabaduse Väljak (“Freedom Square” in Estonian), the symbol of freedom and independence from authoritarian regimes.
Vabaduse Tube share the same building where Mises Institute Estonia is based.

If you see this, you’ve found us!

Vabaduse Tuba means freedom room in Estonian.

We host weekly events discussing economics, politics and philosophical topics ranging from capitalism, socialism, communism, objectivism, libertarianism in current, past and possible future.

Map of philosophy.

The meetings are normally presented by group members or guests that bring different perspectives with the intention of exposing and discussing the liberty ideals or relevant themes.

Notable guests we have had are:

  • Yaron Brook
  • Patrick Friedman
  • Ron Manners

To get in touch, email us.

Adreess: Pikk 7, 10123 Tallinn, Estonia.